A Chorus of Women

My mom drove from Spokane to Santa Rosa for the Memorial Day holiday (800 miles round trip). It was a wonderful weekend, full of time with my grandma, my aunt, my cousin, and my sister.

We had some tea (beer and wine), shared some secrets, and got a chance to reconnect. We talked about the books we’re reading, went to an interior design show in San Francisco, and ate some beautiful food. During dinner one night, I looked around at us all laughing at a family joke, and I heard myself amplified by four.

I never joined a sorority in college, but I think it might feel like that in a perfect world–a group of women rooting for each other through all of life’s ups and downs. Wedding planning, adjusting to retirement, sifting through old and new memories, negotiating work and life, and dreaming about what we’ll all do when we get together this summer.

Oh, and Mom got to babysit Charlie yesterday; I think she would have driven down just for the opportunity to spend a few hours alone with him–forget the sorority.

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